Feb. 28 – Mar. 2, 2023
Bremen, Germany

Conference Program

  • February 28
  • March 1
Chairman’s Welcome and Conference Commencement
Siegfried Monser
Siegfried Monser

Space Co-Ordinator
Bremen State

Welcome Words
Photo - Sven Wiebe
Sven Wiebe

Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Europe

Aviaspace Bremen Presentation

A representative

Climate and Industry Security: Future-Proofing the Space and Aeronautics Sector

What are the Current Visible Green Technologies that will Define Sustainable Aerospace?
Jan Alting


Digitalisation Technologies for Aerospace Industrial Sustainability
Headshots Website - Awadh Kapoor
Awadh Kapoor

Director - Digital Transformation

Panel Discussion: How Can we Move Towards Net Zero in the Aeronautics and Space Manufacturing Supply Chain?

– ‘Sustainability’, ‘net zero’, ‘green’: defining and selecting the terms we use when discussing decarbonisation and waste elimination
– Identifying the unique challenges facing aeronautics and space in the sustainability drive
– What is the role of advanced and additive manufacturing in saving energy and reducing inefficiencies?

Jenny Turvey
Jenny Turvey

Strategic Space Policy Lead, Space Directorate
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (UK)

Headshots Website - Awadh Kapoor
Awadh Kapoor

Director - Digital Transformation

Bernhard Lietzmann
Bernhard Lietzmann


Photo - Florian Kruse
Florian Kruse

Evia Aero

Morning break
Space-Based Solar Power: Helping Europe’s Net Zero Ambitions
Photo - Manfred Hader
Manfred Hader

Senior Partner
Roland Berger

Electric Aircraft and Airframe Structures
Dr. Miguel Ángel Castillo

VP Technology Development

Panel Discussion: Protecting the New Frontier: Aerospace & Defence Cybersecurity Challenges, Trends, Opportunities

– Understanding the risks of cyber disruption across the entire supply chain
– How can we effectively forge standards for cybersecurity in the aerospace sector?
– Building high resilience solutions from emerging technologies
– What cybersafe principles will ensure companies and governments can capitalise safely on the opportunities in space and defence?
– What does Europe have in place to protect its assets and how can it improve? 

Lea Pavlovic

Policy Manager
Access Partnership

Dr. Ivan Janes

Executive Committee Member
Telespazio Germany

Lunch break
Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities Attracting and Retaining Talent in Aeronautics and Space

– Developing a workforce fit for industry requirements today and tomorrow
– What are the advantages of increasing diversity in the workplace?
– The importance of continued professional development to match an evolving sector

Willy Pitkowski-Rau

European Supplier Management

Annika Wollerman Umpierrez

Senior Associate Consultant

Advanced Manufacturing Developments in Aeronautics and Space

#EcoMaT - The Centre of Gravity for Eco-Efficient #AeroSPACE Material and Technology Developments
Dr. Hubertus Lohner

Lead Techno Centre ECOMAT

Unlocking the Potential of Future Flight Technologies with Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
Photo - James Hunt
James Hunt

Future Propulsion Lead
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

New Space – What to do About Off-the-Shelf Counterfeiting?
Holger Krumme

Managing Director
HTV Conservation

Afternoon break
Panel Discussion: Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace: What are the Opportunities Today?

– Manufacturing for growth: recent developments in AM
– AM automation to streamline workflows and reduce costs
– Driving the use of new versatile composite materials
– What opportunities are offered to boost AM adoption?
– The road ahead – who should drive the development of industry standards for AM?
– Additive manufacturing in space

Photo - Thomas Bielefeld
Dr. Thomas Bielefeld

Senior Expert Additive Manufacturing
Premium Aerotec

Photo - Georges Caseau
Georges Caseau

Key Account Manager Aerospace EMEA

Photo - Gerald Hagemann
Dr. Gerald Hagemann

Head of Liquid Propulsion Center

Photo -Michael Harsch 2
Michael Harsch

Technical Sales Engineer

Dr. Hubertus Lohner

Lead Techno Centre ECOMAT

Addressing Pain Points in Digital Manufacturing for Aerospace: From Design to Failure Analysis

The promise of additive manufacturing (AM) for aerospace is huge, with its potential for lightweight design and on-demand production. However, the biggest obstacle to further adoption of AM remains part qualification. Securing part acceptance for critical aerospace parts requires rigorous control and insight over each process step, from design to production to post-processing. Materialise seeks to tackle this through open collaboration in the AM ecosystem, by opening up its own data lake and by providing dedicated software tools for parts verification. The combined goal is to boost consistency in AM, ultimately empowering the aerospace industry to fully reap the technology’s benefits.

Erik De Zeeuw

Aerospace Market Manager

Airbus Presentation

A representative

Big Data Tools in Combination with Automated Testing

The ever-increasing complexity of modern « system of systems » applications coupled with the massive volume of data generated presents particular challenges for tools and processes in the areas of development and certification.

At the same time, the market demands more efficient (agile) development and testing phases in order to reduce the overall time to market.
AKKODIS & ExxpertSystems meet these demands by enabling a continuously increasing degree of tool automation and integration – leading to the reusability of not only tools, but also all data, throughout the entire System Development Life Cycle.

Andreas Scheffing

Department Lead Bremen Akkodis
CoE Aerospace & Defence

Daniel Jansen


Climate and Industry Security: Future-Proofing the Space and Aeronautics Sector

Georges Caseau

Key Account Manager Aerospace EMEA


Georges is Aerospace market Leader for Stratasys in EMEA.
His role is to drive innovative technologies adoption among Aerospace players as well as adjust Stratasys roadmap according to industry needs.
He belongs to the Aerospace Business Unit that has been recently set-up by Stratasys as company’s strategy is to drive additive manufacturing market manufacturing transformation.
The core focus of Stratasys is polymer solutions, whether they are used for prototyping or tooling, up to EASA Form-1 flying parts production.